4 Language Learning Motivational Tips for the Earpieceless Traveler


Your classroom could look like this: Experiencing Portuguese on the streets of Paraty, Brazil

Am I the only one who’s somewhat disturbed by the recent publicity about the soon-to-be-released translation earpiece? Everyone seems absolutely thrilled about it, and understandably so. The idea that language barriers are becoming increasingly easier to hurdle is indeed exciting. Yet the language geek in me rebels at the thought. Continue reading

South African Safari How-To: The Hybrid Self-Drive

What comes to mind when you hear the words “African safari”? Do they conjure up images of private open vehicles, luxurious permanent tented camps, sumptuous feasts, and a price tag to match? If you’re a budget conscious traveler like me, you may find yourself wondering how to have a quality safari experience without breaking the bank. Continue reading

Is Angola Worth the Trip? 3 Big Reasons to Say Yes

When people find out that I work in Angola, one of the first questions asked is often whether I’d recommend it as a tourist destination. For many, the lasting impression of this country left by the media is one of conflict. At peace since 2002, Angola continues to rebuild and has been safe to travel around for quite some time. Yet it remains relatively unknown to foreign visitors.

Is it worth the trip? In a word, yes. Continue reading